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Ma Divas!

We all love to be loved and appreciated in life; men and women inclusive. For this reason, we choose to spice up our lives in different ways such as hanging out with loved ones or that special person in our lives. In hanging out with is individual, the site or environment is a vital part of this meeting; it has to be cool and lovely. Usually, evenings are preferable. Besides, you looks for this outing is equally important as it tells a lot about you. Even if it’s a girls’ night, you wouldn’t say that you are not meeting any male folk, therefore, you are to dress ordinarily. No!

If it also happens to be that you are to be having that perfect time with your man, come on…. You just have to be charming and daring as well. You should get acquainted with the various evening looks every curvy fashionista needs, so as to make you as comfortable as ever. That day will also be a day for you to remember because, it brought out the best in you. Here are the evening looks for every curvy fashionista;

Simply style your plain and pattern curvy gown with ankle straps.

Plain and pattern

Plain and pattern

Hello World

Slay in this plus-size hi-lo dress for a perfect evening look. Finish up with wedge heels.


Hi-lo dress

Pair a shift dress dress with a zip-up skirt, fringe purse and boots.

Shift dress

Shift dress

Step up in Ankara pants and plain top. Complement the look with sandals.



Rock your crop top on an Ankara midi skirt and flats.



Midi skirt

Up your game with an Ankara jumpsuit and Scarpin heels.



Style your Ankara mini dress with matching bag and heels.

Mini dress

Mini dress

Ma Divas, your evening looks tell more about your romantic side. Tell this rightly with these outfits!

If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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