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The waterproof cosmetic is this seasons essentials but would you need the water proof cosmetic for everyday or special occasions?

The waterproof cosmetic makes crying, swimming and being soaked by the rain cool because your make up is not smudged. Although you might say all this doesn’t happen very often, yes maybe but remember regular foundations and most other cosmetic tend to melt, pull or cake after a while.

Am sure we are all curious and the next question is certainly how does the waterproof effect work, what are the ingredients? The waterproof cosmetic a combination of  mostly synthetic paraffin and stearine, waxes and silicone polymers this combined creates an impenetrable layer on the skin.

Indeed the waterproof cosmetic is an advantage to us but we must not take advantage of it. Always remember that the pores are closed off for 24 hours that means no oxygen goes through the skin pores where this make up is applied for as long as you have it on so that  means this cosmetics if abused can affect your skin making it dry. All in all the waterproof cosmetic should be used wisely.

How do you remove the waterproof cosmetic?

The difficulties that comes with the removal of the waterproof makeup is inevitable because of the ingredient, so make sure to get the special cleaners for the removal of waterproof makeup and diligently scrub off your face.

Here are a few waterproof and sweat proof products i recommend:

1. Pro long-wear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation From MAC.


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2.  Pro long-wear Concealer Cache-Cernes


3. L’oreal Water Proof Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara


Other products:


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