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Cardigans are a knitted garment with an open front, in most cases when you talk cardigans the cold seasons come to mind, who says it has to be chilly to wear a cardigan,cardigan used to be worn for only cold weather but now you can use a cardigan to add more spice to your outfit and give it a different appearance. Here are several ways you can spice up your appearance

  1. The All Business: These are easy wear cardigans that you can throw on easily,over  a dress for work or dinner, over a tan top, you can throw this into your bag to use it anytime you get chilly, this kind of cardigan can be tucked in into a skirt or pants. It can be all buttoned up for the exclusive serous look or left unbuttoned for the casual look.

black cardigan worn in and official way

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2. The Long Cardigan: This is a whole different angle to the cardigan feel, as it acts as more of a finishing touch, the long cardigan can be worn open or belted to give a more fit look if you wish. When using a long cardigan its essential that the rest of you is fitted,so as not to contradict the loose feel of the long cardigan.


The black long cardigan

3. The Printed Cardigan: This type of cardigan in most cases is used as an alternative to our regular printed blouses, they come colorful and require no much color in your other outfits. The printed cardigan needs no much effort to have a woow feel.

Black and white print cardigan

4. The Wrap Cardigan: The wrap cardigans are a new feel, this is the kind of cardigan which you can wrap most times with  a rope to a button to your desired fit. They are a wardrobe must have, as you can rock them anything, on a pant,jean,skirt or even a tube gown, it sure does have its classy touch.

black and white wrap cardigan

These are awesome cardigan styles and how they were worn, so lovers get that cardigan off its hanging point in your wardrobe,waiting for the chilly season and use it more often to add that cardigan feel to your outfit.

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