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Hi Dearies!

Old things still have their various uses, even if they no longer serve the purpose for which you bought them. Same is the old t-shirt. An old t-shirt is something that you can turn into various things. One of them is the t-shirt racerback tank top.



Hello World

These are the best ways to make your t-shirt racerback tank top;

1. Start by placing your t-shirt on your cutting surface; a table or any flat and large surface. Cut away the t-shirt’s stitched collar. You could want to make the neck’s front even deeper too.


Step 1

2. Cut the bottom hem off the t-shirt so it forms a long strip, instead of a loop, but do not throw it away.  Stretch it as much as possible. Retain the strip for use.


Step 2

3. Cut the sleeves off, but do not simply follow the stitching line. After cutting until you are just above the bottom edge of the sleeve, then make a wide curve over to the t-shirts edge. Just start by cutting small, trying the shirt on, and cutting down, if necessary, just to get your desired curve.


Step 3

4. Flip the shirt over and find where you want the bottom edge of the racer back to begin, then tie your t-shirt stretched hem strip to this spot and pull in the slack to make a tight knot around the bunched up shirt. Try tying a square knot, wrap the t-shirt hem strip up the shirt until you reach where you want the back neck hole to start. Try the shirt on to see where you would like the racer back to end, then simply tie the hem strip to the shirt, again, and cut away any excess.


Step 4

This is exactly what your t-shirt tank top would look like when you are done.


Tank top

You are good to go!

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