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Henna, which is a flowering plant is used to make really cool and awesome designs, usually meant as bridal decorations or traditional decorations in some cultures around the globe, so far this traditional has given birth to a new trend among the younger folks in the world. Henna itself comes in white, black or orangy, this colors can be used to draw patterns across any part of the body. its no doubt that with each design comes a different kind of beauty hence we have to admit that the henna design can be really attractive once its drawn properly.

We might not be an Hausa or Indian bride or perhaps getting married but we can’t deny that the henna designs have become a fashion trend, everyone who can, wants to have henna drawn on their legs or hands. The henna asides from being worn by wives or brides to be have become a form of temporary tattoo, so those who love tattoos but can’t stand to have it drawn permanently on them can go for henna instead, the most popular spots for henna is the hands and the feet;

Here are some of the designs that have captured my sight:

This henna design is the bridal look, its design is different and there are embellishment stuck in the middle of each petal.


Hello World

This design is for the feet, its intricate details is just amazing.


This is a simple but gorgeous design



This henna tattoo can suit a lot of people, you can try this out



Henna design spread across the shoulders is drawn on married women, but you can have a petal style design on your shoulders too.



This henna tattoo is just perfection



You can also draw the henna designs by yourself, simply get the henna kit and then follow instructions.

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