Taking care of shoes (part one)

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One very important aspect of fashion and life in general involves having a good maintenance attitude towards items that you own, this includes taking care of those items that you value and what else can be more valuable in your wardrobes than your shoes?

If you can extend the life of something, like your favorite heels then you will be able to avoid spending more money just to replace them. And let’s face it, there is no such thing as replacing that very favorite pair of heels, no matter how many new heels you buy because sometimes they don’t fit the same or you would attach emotional importance to one more than the other.
So, let’s check out the steps to take so you can take better care of your shoes and see how you can not only save yourselves some money, but also prolong the life of your favorite pairs!


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1. Don’t wear the same pair for two days in a row! Even though they are your favorite pairs of shoes limit the way you wear them to twice a week but not consecutively. If they are your work shoes, allow them to air dry for at least twenty four hours before you wear them again. This means you should consider getting a second pair so you can alternate them.

2.Protect your heels. If you’re going out to party especially at night, why not put on a more comfortable wedge shoe instead of heels because no one is gonna be looking at your feet anyway, at least not at the club and it would also be great if you feel comfortable when standing for a long time. This would protect your leg and heels from sprain and tension.

3. Also if your heels start bending to one side, go to a trusted shoe repairer and get the soles replaced. Doing so would prevent further damage to your shoes and to your feet. Your posture would be bad if you wore bad heels and that’s not good for your health.

Keep these tips in mind folks and endeavor to practice them often.
I will be back with more tips soon.

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