Ads br Hey Divas, Has anyone else been noticing an unusual amount of velvet at owambes lately? This fabric has always been a classic staple in the fashion world, but this year it seems to be one of the “it” fabrics. While velvet hasn’t exactly been the most popular material…

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Plunging Neckline For Your Friday Night

Plunging neckline is the rave of the moment and its a perfect Friday night out attire whether you are hanging out with your girls your boo or you are on a date. The plunging neckline draws the eye down the body therefore it takes a certain amount of confidence and…

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Latest Iro And Buba Styles 2015

The yoruba traditonal iro and buba styles has been evolving for decades now from the use of aso-oke to lace to ankara now the new trend is to use sheer chiffon, indian velvet, plain velvet, satin and multiple colored silk materials. Below is a picture of how iro and buba were…

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