Sunglasses Are Seriously Trending Right Now. But Why ?

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Sunglasses has been an important part of fashion for a while now. Coupled with the fact that celebrities both home and abroad has adopted this mode of fashion,it has spread like wild fire.
Despite the rave, some still have reservations on how sun glasses adds to their fashion sense.

However,as much as combining the right clothes,foot wear and accessories is very important,adding a touch of something different (if you’ve never thought about it before) to your style makes a lot of difference.


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Apart from being a fashion sense,its a protective measure for your eyes. Why? The heat and sun in this part of the world makes the sun shades not only fashionable but also makes it a necessity. Medically proven,the sun glasses protects you from certain kind of ligh,helps you see better in the sun and also reduces the risk of developing cancer in the eye lids. Wow! Imagine that.

That’s important,but the fashionable aspect of this is key too. You cant just wear any kind of sun shades and you can’t wear sunshades to every event. Its mostly when you are outside in the sun.
Picking the right pair or design for your sun glasses has to depend greatly on what fits your face. The frame of your face and curve of your cheekbones has to be considered before making a choice. You cant a big sun glasses on a small face,it would keep sliding down until it eventually falls off. Therefore,get comfortable with the shape of your face then make a choice. Sometimes your sun glasses can match your bag,briefcase or your accessories.
Remember…its just for the sun. you can also get you sun glasses medicated. That’s for those who wear medicated glasses,you can get yours too. Get a frame,change the lens and get it tinted and you are good to go!

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