Summer Vacation Tips For Lagos Mums – Get a Prepclass tutor today

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Hey lovelies, you know we are all about fashion and we certainly don’t think the kids should be left behind. Your kids need to have great looks and even better brains. That’s why for this holiday we advise you get a home tutor for your kid. Getting a home tutor ensures your kid can sleep, relax, have fun and still learn a lot this holiday so that they don’t suffer learning loss.

Remember, the heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night. – “Henry Wadsworth Longfellow”. Don’t let your kids play away the holiday, if you live in Lagos, Nigeria, you should definitely get a Prepclass Home tutor

I got a Prepclass tutor for my kids last two holidays and the results were incredible, so much so I decided I would share my kid’s secret of being FIRST in class last term (I was so proud). I love the company’s emphasis on security for your home and your child because that was very important to me, they also send me monthly reports which have been very helpful in allowing me track my child’s progress. So all in all, I’m a very satisfied client.

If you are looking to engage your child during this holiday, you can get a Prepclass specialist tutors to teach your children whatever you want them to learn. If you have more advanced needs like an SAT tutor, GMAT tutor or GRE tutor I bet they can also provide you with a the best specialist tutors in lagos.

For this holiday they are engaging kids in general academics studiescomputer / ICT trainingspecial maths classes and special English classes (reading, writing and speaking). You can call them yourself on 01-2913970 to discuss with them and schedule a meeting.


You know we wouldn’t refer our lovelies to people we don’t trust, so just for the record, Prepclass is a registered company in Nigeria, situated at No 1 Zansi close, Onike Lagos. You can pay them a visit whenever you want to. Better yet you can just chat with them whenever you visit their site. Get a tutor guys, Smart is the new fashionable.


Get a Home Tutor From Prepclass

Get a Home Tutor From Prepclass

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