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There are several reasons why women rock the shaved hair do or the low-cut, mostly its for fashion sake’s other times it cannot be helped due to illness and hair loss. The truth is you can still look absolutely fabulous even when your head is shaved, the first tip for rocking the low cut is confidence, as your confidence radiates all over that way you come off looking great.

Rule 1: When sporting a low cut one rule always apply, do not over do your makeup, a lot of people make this mistake as they are guilty of over caking their faces which is not ideal. Just because you have a shaved head doesn’t mean your makeup has to be loud and overly baked, always apply the general rule and stick to the basic.

Rule 2: Emphasize on your ears by wearing big earrings or sporting just a stud, emphasizing on your ear makes people look beyond your low cut or shaved hair. Asides that, bold and statement earrings adds a really nice touch to your overall appearance.

Rule 3: The hipster and street look really goes well with low cut but for shaved hair emphasizing more on your feminine parts works best. Wear girly outfits that accentuate your figure giving you a much more sensual appearance and if your figure isn’t the hour glass type make sure to always have on a body reformer or spanx. If your personal style isn’t girly then add flare and stay confident in what you have on.



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Autumn Perez






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