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Before i give you tips on how to make a really good impression i have to do right by giving you a dose of reality, indeed how you dress for an interview matters a lot but how you conduct yourself during said interview matters more because wearing the right outfit doesn’t guarantee you getting the job. Making a good impression requires a lot of confidence, as you walk into the room with your portfolio or hand bag under your arm be bold enough to shake your future boss as that way they will forthwith form an impression that would go beyond the interview. Based on your confidence, poise and demeanor your interviewer would form an opinion whether positive or negative.

Dressing for an important job interview is never simple, so here are some tips that should ease the process:

The Ultimate Rules

1. When you pick an outfit, pick something that been worn once or haven’t been worn at all. But note that you don;t have to buy a new outfit for the occasion as you don’t want a major mishap because that does happen. in-case you cannot resist the temptation for a new outfit then buy days before and try it out. If you are prone to sweat marks go for darker colors and avoid silk as they tend to enhance the sweat marks.

2. Now if you have a suit or a smart dress in which you feel comfortable and confident in don’t be afraid to wear it. As far as you’ve been complemented in it that means it must really look good on you so you can wear it.

3.  Don’t shy away from black if that is your comforter when it comes to clothes, only add a splash of color or a print to it so you won’t blend in with the other candidates. Avoid wearing all round black, add some color to brighten up your look.

4. The interviewer checks the entirety of your looks so if you think your shoe’s are not important then think again because as you arrive the interviewer glances down at you and their gaze would end up on your shoe. A closed toe mid heel or 2 inch heel is the safest option, avoid too bright shoes, print or pastel style can add a brighter touch to your ensemble.

Job interview requires precision which can be daunting so strike a balance between staying true to your personal style and the professional look and most importantly make sure you are comfortable in what you wear.



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