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Hi Damsels!

Truly, we women are very strong creatures. Imagine how we combine both house chores and career! For instance, our poor hands can never catch a break as we get to do various things like typing, cooking, working out, taking care of the kids and other things. Despite these challenges, your hands need to very presentable as a lady.

Pretty hands

Presentable hands

Hello World

So here are a few tips on making your hands  more presentable;

1.Exfoliation: With raw honey and sugar, you can make a simple hand scrub to exfoliate your skin at home. Just slather on hands a couple times a week.



2.Use of Cuticle pen: This object looks  almost like your concealer pen. It is filled with oil that soothes  scraggly cuticles. It also prevents painful hangnails. This not only fortifies nails against breakage, but softens any hard skin around the nail bed.


Cuticle pen

3.Moisturizing: Add moisture to your hands after washing. Try not to wash hands in hot water as it is the biggest culprit of dry, cracked hands. You could keep a bottle next to the sink as a constant reminder and a smaller one in your purse.



4.Keep nails short: It’s true that long nails seem glamorous, but it’s annoying constantly picking dirt out from under them thus, try to   keep your nails trimmed to avoid unnecessary grime.


Short nails

5.Remove chipped polish:  Grab the nail polish once you notice a chipped polish. Simply dip a cotton ball into a tiny drop of nail polish remover and gently swipe it from the base of the nail toward the tip.


Polish removal

You’ll be shocked at how these simple tips could make your hands more presentable.

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