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Hey Lovelies

Don’t go into the new year with a broken heart, make sure you figure out what you want in your relationship and what it means to you. With this said I have to be brutally honest about this fact, if your man doesn’t love you then there would be signs to tell you this fact, its best to know where you stand before you are left hurt and with regret . There are some telltale signs that would show that you like your man more than he does you;


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1. A guy who likes you isn’t scared to tell you how he feels but if you’ve been in a relationship for a while and your partner is always hesitant to discuss his feeling with you like when you ask him about your relationship and he says something like “Well, I’m not sure how I feel about us” then you obviously like him more than he likes you.

2. Appreciation is key in every relationship, whether romantic or not, so if he constantly tries to put you down or change everything about you or find fault in you then he’s not really into you.

3. Some people are not romantics I should know this, but there are ways in which they show they care. If you are constantly the one that shows affection (note $3x is not the same thing as affection) and this affection is not returned or is returned grudgingly then there’s a problem.

4. This part is important, if he doesn’t introduce you to his family especially when you have done this then think twice, he probably is not really into you.

5. Okay this part is probably the number one telltale sign that he’s not into you; if you are the one that has to constantly reach out (text, call) and he doesn’t seem to respond back then he really is not into you.

Now this rules are not set on stone but they would help you determine whether your relationship would be damaging or fruitful. Note; if you can find all five signs in your present partner simply cut your loses and move on. This signs are here to narrow down and help you with your choices.

Hope you’ve picked a thing or two this are the signs that you like him more than he likes you, study them and use them as a bench mark to rate your current relationship.

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