Septum Style Nose Ring-Fashion Favors Of 2015

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Now we’ve all seen it and we know that’s what’s in this season and you have to admit the septum nose has a really $3xy appeal about it. The septum nose ring has been on and off for quite a while but it came back in trend mid 2014 when a lot of celebrities were rocking the faux version and it received a lot of boost early on this year so its safe to say the septum ring is having a moment as it has hit the mainstream.

The best thing about the septum piercing is that its not permanent and can be taken off at any time so basically if you want to get in touch with your rebel side then this should do it for you. Septum nose ring is a really cool look and its one of the unique accessories that gives you an edgy outlook. You can either go big, small or crazy anyhow you want it.

Now we all know that piercing is as old as time and it’s comes in and out so it’s certainly not going anywhere. For those of you out there that want the real septum ring here are the 101 things you need to know about piercing because piercing is no joke especially the one between your nostril which is exactly where the septum nose ring is going to. Therefore its not something to be done on a wimp or because you are bored because piercing requires a lot of attention and care so it doesn’t get infected.


#1. One thing to remember is that a any piercing whatsoever is going to hurt, likewise piercing the space in between your nostril but its not going to be torture as its quite similar to regular nose piercing. Another important thing to note is that you have to go to a real piercer with experience and not a quack because its certainly a bit difficult and requires proper attention and tools.

#2. After the piercing is done it takes six to eight week to heal in which time the jewelry should not be changed. then during the aftercare you must make sure that you leave it still, do not play with it or touch it and if you do want to touch it make sure its with clean hands. Now note that if you want to take it off make sure to soak it in warm water before taking it off so it would bring fresh wound. also make sure to clean it two or three times a week with anti-bacterial soap.

#3. Now if before the six or eight week is up and you get tired of the nose ring then don’t be afraid because the hole would close up no matter how long and it doesn’t leave a visible scar because of the location.

#4. One other important thing to note, not everybody can get the septum piercing done because it all depends on the location of your septum. its usually not advisable for people with asymmetrical nose to get a septum so get the advice of an advance piercer.

Here are pictures of ladies rocking both real and faux septum nose ring cuff.

Celebrity Inspiration

Bad Gal Riri Rocking a pearl and silver hoop.

Rihanna Faux Pearl Hoop

Rihanna Faux Pearl Hoop

Hello World

Nigeria video vixen and actress Venita Akpofure Tarka rocks the plain silver nose hoop.

Venita Akpofure Tarka

Venita Akpofure Tarka Plain Hoop

Other Inspiration

Real Septum Piercing

Real Septum Piercing

Faux Septum Hoop

Faux Septum Hoop

Faux Septum Hoop

Faux Septum Hoop

Real Septum Peircing

Real Septum Piercing

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