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The Ijaw people are an ethnic group scattered along the coastline of the country. They make up some of the ethnic groups found in some states like Ondo, Lagos, Bayelsa,Rivers and of course Delta. For the fact that they live along these coastlines, their customs and traditions are usually centred on festivals, meals, burial rites and marriage ceremonies.

Marriage ceremony, which is not just the coming together of two people but also both families are performed in a very unique way, which is quite different from the regular way other ethnic groups perform theirs.

Bianca and Ogbu had a true definition of Ijaw traditional wedding. This beautiful couple said their wedding vows in the presence of both family and friends, dressed in the native traditional Ijaw wear, most especially for the bride who was dressed in the blouse and wrapper attire with bead embellished cap and beads neck-piece. The couple then went for a second all-white look with wine and black strips aso oke.

For their white wedding, Biance, the bride went for a ruffle ball gown by Bride Stead with simple but pretty make-up done by Edith Amawo (Belapro31). Her beautiful hair was styled by Elfreda Styles. The groom, Ogbu was dapper in blue suit.

See below the moments from Bianca and Ogbu’s Ijaw traditional wedding was planned by Crimsonz Events and captured by Ben Komolafe Photography.


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Photo Credit-Ben Komolafe Photography

From The Madivas team, we wish them a happy married life.

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