See Photos of how Tiwa Savage & Top Models Rock Crop Tops

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This is not a usual trend in Africa. Maybe because the ‘African Woman’ is naturally curvy and full is the word. Imagining a full African Woman in a crop top? Naaaaa…the picture isn’t right. However,due to technology and a lot of effort on our part,we have learnt how to be full,curvy and still maintain the dream shape.
That is both the African and the figure 8 combined into one woman. So here we are confidently wearing anything we want.
Crop tops are casual wear.  I have seen some instances though where the combo was worn to an award night. I wouldn’t buy that idea though. This item of clothing is perfect for a lazy Saturday on the beach, hangout at the movies, a visit or even a casual date. \The whole idea of crop top is being ‘casually $3xy’ you aren’t putting a lot of effort behind it,you’re just giving a hint with your exposed belly.
Ever wondered why those with belly piercings rock tops like this? They want you to notice without being so obvious about it as ‘ a woman’s casual sleeveless or short-sleeved garment cut short so that it reveals the stomach’. See what I mean? The stomach is a center of attraction in this case,this is why, if you DO NOT have a flat tummy please don’t wear a crop top.  Why?
tiwa crop top
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Its not flattering on you if you do not have a flat tummy. Why would you wear something that doesn’t highlight your best features? However,you can still rock a crop top if you wear maybe a tank-top or another top inside,tuck it into your jean,skirts or shorts. And you are good to go. Please note: A Bikini is not a crop top.
Match your crop tops with a pair of jean,shorts,flared skirts etc and you’re good to go. The next time you want to hangout with the girls..

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