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Nigeria senate present Bukola Saraki is facing Trials right now and as you know, Nigerian Twitter never dulls when it come to matters especially matters regarding our country. Its getting hot as many are tweeting with#SARAKIONTRlAL because the senate president is on trial for false declaration of assets and many have seen it as a great step towards eradication of corruption. Saraki’s trial came as a shock to everyone because everyone saw him as the best candidate when the President wanted to elect people for Senate president.

See tweets below:


I can now say I’m really proud of my country and my president because in the past years, this kind of case would have been left unattended to. This is a very great step to eradicate corruption in the country. The other corrupt politicians would be really scared right now because of Saraki’s trial and I hope they change their old ways before it gets too late and they face trials too. Let’s fight against corruption .

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