Rules for mixing Ankara prints

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Have you ever thought about mixing Ankara prints? The rules of the fashion industry are ever changing and things that were once considered faux pas are now being embraced by those of us who are trying to make a statement. One of the classic rules gone rogue would be mixing your ankara prints.

One thing I love about fashion is that there is a thin line between right and wrong and that line keeps stretching every time. Gone are the days when it is wrong to match print and print together, now everyone is doing it..



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I love Ankara print, I see it as an art of its own, worn by different people. Usually it takes a professional to mix two prints together without making the ensemble look busy. But anyone can do it if they follow these rules.
1) Mix based on color:
One of the easiest ways to keep your mixed prints looking chic is by keeping them all in the same color family. Try picking a color that repeats throughout the entire ensemble. This ensures you a look that is more unified and seemingly put together. This look below was achieved by mixing Ankara prints based on the color yellow.


2)Mix based on size:
An easy way to mix up the Ankara  prints you have hanging in your closet is by matching up big prints with smaller ones. The contrast of big prints with small and thick prints paired with thin makes your overall look visually appealing while still making a strong but not overwhelming, statement. For example, check out the outfit below.


3) Mix based on number:
While pairing your various prints into an ensemble can be very exciting ( think of all the possibilities!), don’t go mixing every Ankara clothing you have just yet. No more than two prints at a time is a good rule for beginners and three prints at a time for the extremely daring and intermediate fashionista. Four or more is asking for trouble! Also as a good tip, if you already have two prints down, move to using a plain color that goes with the print to complete the ensemble, like the outfit shown below.


I hope that mixing and matching Ankara prints won’t be hard anymore. Or would it?

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