Rocking the Culottes trend to work

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Culottes are the perfect trend to wear this season! They are very roomy at the bottom giving you the freedom of a big skirt. If you wear culottes it almost looks like you’re wearing a skirt because it has a flattering hemline and a very versatile shape just like a skirt.
Are you sacred of rocking the culottes trend? Culottes are not easy to rock but we never back down from a fashion challenge right?
Here are ways to rock the trend to work successfully.
1)With a white button down shirt.


You can also rock the culottes and white shirt with other clothing like jackets…etc


Hello World



2) For a casual look on Friday, you can wear culottes with a chambray top.


3) You can also rock floral culottes with a plain top.





I hope you liked this idea. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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