Rock That Gele at Your Owambe Party

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Gele tying is more of a tradition than a fashion trend in Africa. This mode of fashion is so important in this part of the world,even modernisation hasn’t been able to push this out the window. Why? Its the most important part of our custom and tradition,its a key factor. Its like removing the buttons off a shirt,the idea is lost. That’s how much gele tying means to us. Its part and parcel of being African.
Even before the coming of so many fashion trends,even before some of our designers became modernised and creative. There was no event where gele tying wasn’t revered. Its sacred.


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Every wedding,birthday,burial or what ever event you can think of,your GELE is important. For every aso-ebi,there is a gele behind it. Am I right or right? The colours of an event always include the colour of the gele that would be used.
Due to this,fashion has come up with different styles in gele tying. Some like their gele big and obvious,some like their gele small and cute,fitting the head and not drawing attention. Remember madam kofo? Her gele is still her identity. A brides ensemble isn’t complete with her gele. Gele can be in aso-oke,damask,nylon or fabrics.
Tying your gele is therefore very important,the coming of professional who tie gele for a living has made things easier. Choosing the size and shape of your gele depends on the kind of event. Some may call for the big and bold and some may call for the small and cute.
You can wear your gele on any kind of fabric you have on. Ankara,lace,guinea,chiffon,satin. Etc. Spark up that event with a gele.

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