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It’s a common question, do weight loss pills really work? Personally I’ve been able to maintain my weight over the years, not that I put in any extra effort, but I try to avoid a lot of things and I exercise by walking a lot. Now this is me, but I am surrounded by a lot of friends and families that want to shed their excess weight and I’ve seen them going through so much, trying to find that one thing that would make them loose weight and if am being truthful I haven’t seen a weight loss pill or slimming tea that has worked for either of this people and there might be reasons for this.

Close-up of a woman in sportswear measuring her waist

woman in sportswear measuring her waist

Hello World

I for one have figured out some of the reasons why the weight loss pills did not work for the people around me but I was curious to know if there were people weight loss pills worked for, so here I was talking about it with a few friends and then my colleagues in the office and some have had experiences with weight loss pills and here’s what they had to say;

Mike said; weight loss pills does it work? run 5 kilometer everyday now that is sure to have an effect on your weight, don’t let anyone deceive you.

Nike said; Weight loss pills, please, I’ve been there done that, It never worked for me, although I might have been doing something wrong but then again dieting and exercise got me to my current weight.

Eze said; I hear sandfi juice and shaping lotion works, not that I’ve seen any before and after all this is just based on hearsay.

Pukkah asked; Doesn’t your weight depend on the amount of food you take in, the calorie intake and all that, what would a pill do for you.

Nike replied; some pills are meant to be a stop gap, they are supposed to fill you up so you wouldn’t eat too much

Then I asked some friends that may have used weight loss pills which weight loss pill was the best and this is what they told me;

Lucky Said; I don’t really know, I’ve used several pills but I think the one with the green tea extracts was the best, and its what I still use.

Ekanem said; I can mention a particular drug but I know I use natural slimming teas and I use Moringa as well because it cleanses my system.

Benny Said; Well a family friend both Hydrocut gummies for me so that’s what am on now, It looks like its working though I’ve lost a few pounds.

Amina said; I drink green tea all the time and If I feel like am too full and heavy I switch to ballerina tea. I prefer tea’s compared to pills.

So I took the question and put it on both Our Instagram and Facebook Page and here are some of the replies we got;





Well, This people just went on to confuse me even more, so I want to hear from you. What weight loss pill do you use? Or what do you use to reduce weight gain? Share your Experiences in the comment section below.

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