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Skin lightening creams are hard to come by, because there are so many fakes’s out there (many of them are done in shacks with harsh and dangerous chemicals) and a lot of people are really confused on what to buy. Some of this cream even makes you one or two shades darker than your original skin tone which can be really depressing. Some of this cream are also harsh on the skin leaving you with scars and blemishes, also bringing out acne’s and rashes.


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The damages some of this cream can cause is overwhelming but with all this fake and useless products out there, there are still people that shine. The question however is “How and what lightening cream do they use for their skin?”

We decided to hold a forum and here are what some Lagos women had to say;

Question: My back and my Legs are completely darker than the rest of my body how do I even my skin out? What cream or solution can I use?

Peache said: I’ve tried using all kinds of cream I was recently introduced to caro light but it has a nasty reaction on my skin, I couldn’t stop itching so I threw it out but someone told me to get GNG so thats my next move.

Onila said: For me peau Claire is the best

Ima Amachere said: Well, I know someone who uses Diva Maxitone lotion and her skin is bright and radiant, I also know about the Q7 whitening body lotion, a lot of people talk about it.

Princess said: For me I use products that are made by olay, nivea or dove because the products are mild on my skin and because they have a variety of products. I also love trivia goat milk bath soap, its just amazing and it has a delicious smell.

Tj said: Caro something are pretty darn cheap but Q7 cream plus the serum has been said to work, I really don’t know but I’d rather go for an expensive lightening cream.

Adesuwa said: I use a product called clearism egg yolk white and I use it in addition with the french Oil peel, it has changed my skin tone to three shades lighter in the space of two months.

Pearl said: I don’t know so much about creams but I know fair and white exfoliating soap and  Otentika skin tone formula are really nice and they are not harsh on the skin.

One take to this conversation was the blatant Do not use answer one of the women gave

Ima Ammachere Said: So I heard GNG is famous but I can only say, don’t use gng! its harmful

And of course when asked why she said to avoid the cream, she said she knew people whose skin got damaged from using the product.

A lot of these women had so much to say, I wouldn’t say I’ve had any personal experiences where I’ve seen the harsh effects of lightening creams but I know a lot of my friends that have used some of this products like the diva maxi-tone which works by the way, the Q7 + serum and some others, sadly I can’t remember the names at this point. Generally it all depends on how you use this creams and its important to stop using any cream if they’ve had an adverse effect on your skin or if you are beginning to react.

Now lovelies we are throwing the question to you, What skin lightening product do you think is best to achieve an even skin tone? Share this information with us in the comment section down below.

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