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Its no news that Soda falls into the category of food that don’t have any nutritional value, although we all know this, we still love to have at least one or two bottles a week for leisure purposes but when it becomes excessive like having one bottle everyday or more than one bottle a day it becomes detrimental to our health. The diet soda itself was produced to help with our diet, to keep us full enough so we won’t seek out food but as it turns out about 95% of the time the reactions it has on our health is very poor. I can only say it probably works for 5% of the population who takes it in.


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So many people still do not believe that the diet soda has an inverse effect on our metabolism, I hope this reasons to stop drinking diet soda would convince you otherwise.

  • Diabetes is real and its not a disease to joke around with, study shows that people who had a daily intake of diet soda had a 25% chance of having diabetes than people that just have it once a month.
  • Accelerated Aging is something nobody wants to hear, we all want to stay chill and fresh but studies have shown that excessive taking of diet soda lowers your PH level thereby leaving your skin dry , dull and full of acne asides from accelerating aging.
  • Gaining weight is inverse to what the diet soda stands for but in reality it has been known to increase the waistline by 500%
  • The aspartame found in diet soda’s has been linked to the change in moods, dizzy spells, headaches etc…
  • Heart attacks are no joke, its not something to play around with and studies have shown that people that drank soda everyday had 44%  chance of getting a heart attack

These reasons to stop drinking diet soda are enough to get the hair at the back of my neck standing, so my candid advice is to cut down on how you drink soda, if you want something with sugar, opt for natural fruit juice instead, or make yours.

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What do you think about these reasons to stop drinking diet soda? are they enough to make you quit diet soda? Leave all comments in the comment box below.

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