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Long distance relationships are pretty though, I should know this because I grew up in a house where my father has to travel every time from state to state and so I figured if my parents could make it work then anybody can but you see I tried long distance relationship once and it didn’t work out primarily because we didn’t get to learn about each other before distance tore us apart and the fact that there was not enough communication thereby making every comment, every missed call or every conversation bothersome and suspicious.

Young black woman looking at laptop

Young black woman looking at laptop

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Long Distance relationship are tough as they are real and you have to be really into the other person for starters before you think of how the relationship would work. The worst is when you have to factor in time zone differences, this would and can eventually take its toll on the two parties except they are both willing to compromise. I did try a different time zone long distance relationship with someone once but like I said you have to be willing to compromise, this relationship didn’t work as well because nobody cared to compromise somewhere along the line we drifted apart. I’ve seen people, heard stories about their long distance relationship and how they made it work so here are some of the tips and advice I got from people involved in a long distance relationship;

  • Keep Your Walls down and be open about your emotions, the good and the bad because little obstacles can become mountains when you are apart.
  • Have items from the other party, a souvenir to remind you of each other.
  • Sent photos this makes the other person feel closer to you and vice versa.
  • Play online games together if you have the time, it means you can have fun without seeing each other.
  • Designate date nights
  • Its okay to cry because you miss the other person because it will pass.
  • Have conversations constantly about the big and little things that go on in your life.
  • Somethings the conversations may seem dry, get each other to read articles, gossip magazines, books to keep in track.
  • Go the extra mile.
  • Avoid playing games to see who cares about who more that’s the road to the END.

There are certainly more tips you can use but the fact is that you would discover most of this things on your own. This tips however would help you glide through your long distance relationship with less hiccups.

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