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Hello Cute Mums!

Postpartum period comes with great relief from the stress of carrying that adorable baby in your womb, but everything has its pros and cons; this period can be a fashion nightmare. You complain that maternity clothes seem too big and you’re probably sick of them yet, you’re not quite fitting in those pre-baby pencil skirts. Most women get back in shape in a short period, while others take a year. Nonetheless, having some clothing ideas beyond your your hubby’s shirt and leggings is nice.

You can get through this postpartum phase in style with these ideas;

1.Larger pair of jeans: One of the toughest items to get back into is your old jeans so, do well to get yourself a slightly larger pair, or stick to your tried and true maternity jeans for a while.You could also go for stretchy denim jeggings since your body will change over the next few months.



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2.Wrap Shirts:To highlight the decolletage and conceal belly bulge which all new mums have, wear crisscross tops ;they make nursing a breeze!



3.Basic Black: Pairing black pants with a lightweight black sweater is always slimming, depending on the weather. You can add an infinity scarf, accessorize like crazy, invest in new shoes, and even carry catchy bag.


4.Big Wide Belts: These automatically help give your waist some definition if you want to cover your midsection. You could pair this with your tunic sweater or with a crisp, white button-down shirt over jeans or trousers.



5. Show a little skin: Cut offs or wide necklines are an easy way to show a little skin while hiding your belly, hips, and behind. Wear a camisole underneath with built-in support, letting the straps show, since can’t do with a bra.



Worry not mum!

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