Picking the Right Shoes for your Clothing

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Shoes go a long way in our dressings. They give our outfits a boost.The first step in selecting the best shoes is choosing shoes that complement your clothing, rather than ones that compete with your outfit. We have so many varieties of shoes, heels, brogues, loafers, boots e.t.c. It can be difficult to find shoes that complement your clothing, without dominating or being overpowered by it, but the reality is, it’s a simple balancing act.

Here are a few questions you can ask to help when picking your shoes out. ‘Do i want to heel it or flat it out?’ ‘

What kind of shoes does the occasion or place in which you would be, demand?’

Furthermore When you look in the mirror, does one element of your outfit stand out more than the others?

Do your shoes and clothing blend together too much? i.e. Do your brown pants, brown ruffles shirt, and brown booties all look like one long body suit?

Is your outfit a busy one with so many complex designs, details?

These are the few things to put in consideration because in the end if they don’t fit the event, the environment and the occasion, then they are temporarily the wrong shoes but never-the-less shoes are a great way to bring color to your wardrobe.

You can wear shoes in colors that you wouldn’t dream of wearing near your face. #TeamPrettyShoes.


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