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A three day outdoor crusade of a Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) was cancelled. The cancellation came as a result of criticism that followed the invitation of Wasiu Alabi Pasuma who was slated to perform at the crusade.

On the handbill the picture of Pasuma could be seen alongside a former band leader of the Egypt 80 band and gospel singer Tope Alabi. Now lets pause, as a christian I have my reservations about such a case, bringing a Fuji musician to a church program seems rather worldly. According to sources the show was cancelled because the headquarter church felt the idea of bring Pasuma to church would not be ideal, the source went further to add that the organizers did not carry out a detailed consultation before going ahead with the program and I say, what more consultation do you need, I wasn’t aware Pasuma had turned into a gospel artiste or a former Fela Anikulapo’s band member had suddenly switched sides. The source also went on to confirm that the pastor in charge of the province church along with the organizing committee has been suspended and they now await sanction for dragging the name of the church through mud (rightly served if you ask me).


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So far the crusade handbill was leaked to the press by a fan of the Fuji king, this drama comes months after the church was criticized for inviting the Godwin crooner korede Bello to perform during a Sunday service.

So guys what do you think, I for one am all for letting go of that province pastor and organizing committee, its time for them to be dethroned, let them join the members, they need the gospel in their life’s, on the other hand, they were following example, taking from the performance of Korede Bello during a sunday service. So what are your thoughts? Leave comments in the comment box below.

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