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Online dating has this stigmatization of always being fake, Even the smartest people tend to lose sight of common sense and fall for an impostor who tries to win their sympathy and love. Internet dating works for some people and can be a life ruining decision for others. The truth is that online dating opened the way for liars, thieves and cheats to take advantage of innocent individuals. Its not as simple as the online dating services claim it to be. Too many people have fake profiles that they use this to make money and deceive people on the online dating site.Here are steps to know if the person you are chatting with is real or fake;


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1.Check their profile

There are lots of fake profile’s online, even most social media site that allow strict privacy setting do show the first page of a person’s profile. If you cannot find anything about a person on internet they might not be telling you their real names. To spot a fake you really need to check profiles, Most fake profiles don’t take time to fill in all the sections, Sometimes they have problem with correct grammar or even English.

2. Initiate video calls

If a person make’s excuses all the time concerning video calls like skype or via phone then that person is hiding something because video chatting is a common thing in online dating they might claim they don’t have time or their phone or laptop camera is faulty; be concerned and wise.

3. Request to see their photos

When people are communicating online they will frequently send each other photos. During a conversation ask to see photos, Quickly do a google image search to see if the person took the photo from another persons social media page or it might even be a magazine photo.

4. Ask questions

During conversations if they distract you from your original questions to make you change the subject or they never really answer your questions or gives flimsy answers that do not correspond to your questions that is also a sign of knowing a fake person. When they always ask for your personal data beware because they might want to use it for fraudulent activities.

5. Do their stories match

It is very difficult to keep your fake life different from your real life. If someone is pretending to be some one else that they are not things will accidentally slip out which you would have to take note because you can’t be someone else 100 percent they will occasionally let their guard one day.

What do you think of internet dating? Is it worth all the drama? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment box below.

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