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Denrele Edun who  has been known for his unique style and fashion tweeted a picture of him wearing a blue jeans, zannotti heels, holding a mop claiming to be Nigerian Caitlyn Jenner. Caityln jenner who as we all know was a man known as “Bruce” before he considered being transgender.Many pictures have surfaced the internet for many years of him wearing heels, make up and weavons but everyone was just assuming its for the public. Speculations has been going round over a long time to consider whether Denrele Edun is gay or not but he has come out officially and i really don’t know if its true or publicity stunt.

Denrele’s Twitter timeline was filled with insults and angry Nigerians because of what he tweeted. Some die hard Denrele fans attacked the other party telling them to mind their business that everyone has the right to do what they want to do. I feel him posting it on social media alone, he was ready for all the slander and insults so people coming at him should really not be blamed for doing so.

I was really shocked when i saw the picture because seeing a guy wear zanotti heels and braids is very confusing and weird, and him tagging the picture claiming to be Caitlyn is what shocked me more. I started to reason if my brother or my son did this how i would react.Many Nigerians have  also shown their anger towards what he tweeted and some are suggesting he gets arrested because of the Anti-Gay rights in the constitution. Whatever it is, sooner or later we would find out if he’s just doing it for the public or if he’s really the Nigerian Caityln.

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