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Hello World

 Babes, today I will be sharing with you guys on how to cope with a domineering hubby because the story we have below borders on the issue. Moreover some of us are in this kind of situation or might find ourselves in this situation later in life. Which ever the case may be, here are few tips on how you can cope with such partner.

  • Be clear and assertive: open up to your partner and tell him you don’t like his kind of attitude because its making you feel uncomfortable. Stand on your point and don’t leave any stone unturned.
  • Stop looking down on yourself or stop feeling inferior: To stop your partner from domineering, you need to stand on your feet, stop being less confident, be firm and stop giving in to everything that he wants or demands from you.
  • Find out the deeper issues of what is making him to be domineering: Take time to focus what the cause could be, work on yourself and find what where you are getting it wrong as well.
  •  Control yourself from annoying your partner: It might not seem easy but always avoid saying nasty words instead say encouraging words.
  • Pray and read books: The last I would like to say is always talk to God and make it a duty to read inspirational books.

Heres todays story, read and share your thoughts in the comment box

Dear Amaka

My hubby is the one handling my salary and each time I ask for money from him he do give excuses and at the end I will just forget about it. He goes to the market and buy things himself. We have talked about it times without number still no change. Am thinking of changing my salary account or what do I do bcos am tired of waiting for him before I can buy anything.

Dear Wife

Make him see more reasons why you should handle your salary yourself moreover he’s not the working for it. Why shouldn’t you be the one to reap what you labored for, communicate extensively, tell him that you feel its shameful for him to be the one always going to the market and you can’t take it anymore. If after persuasions things didn’t seem to change, arrange for you guys to see a marriage counselor. In all I wish you the best.


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