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Ah! Men and their mothers, It irritates me when a husband cannot differentiate motherly love from partners love and mothers makes things worst by thinking they did their son a favour by taking care of him from childhood. If you don’t want to take care of your son why bring him into this world? They go to the extent of dictating how their son runs his home forgetting that he is a grown up man and now has a new family and a new mother that will take care of him till death.


Hello World

I have being married for three years with a baby girl, my hubby works from 8am to late in the night. Hes short-tempered and rarely listens to what I say, he is always busy with his phones or tablet. Hes obsessed with his mom and sisters. His mum lives with us and am not allowed to utter a word against her even when I try to, he threatens me with punch and says he would send me back to my parent. Hes fond of shouting loudly that neighbors do hear. I don’t love him anymore but still with him because my mother_in_law looks after our daughter when am off to work and I don’t want to take her to school yet because shes still young. please advise me.

Dear worried,

You cannot continue to keep mute because your mama’s boy of a husband threatens you with a punch and says he would send you back to your parents house, That can never be the end of your world if you go back to your parents house and the whole world would bear you witness that you tried your best for your husband at least you gave birth to a daughter for him. How can you allow your home to be run by your mother-in-law.

There is no point to fight if you don’t love him anymore, but are you sure you don’t love him or you just don’t love his attitude at the moment? These are two different things. Try to talk to your husband about his attitude towards you even if he threatens you do not keep quiet and if he sends you packing please kindly leave with your daughter don’t keep your child with them because they will infect her with such attitude. You can always admit her into daycare when you go to work.

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