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To be honest we humans are insatiable. Lola and John dated for two years before they tied the knot, they were so much in love with each-other that friends were jealous. Immediately after their wedding, John said he has an ex that he still needs to keep in touch with. Lola tried to persuade him but he insists and she kept mute over the issue for a while. John didn’t only keeps in touch with one Ex but like 4. Sometimes he comes home drunk and doesn’t care about his kid. He goes to club with his concubines every week. After some few years that my friend couldn’t take this anymore, She decided to report him to his family and when John was summoned for his own side of his story, he didn’t think twice before telling my friend to pack her things and go back to her parent house. One needs to be careful and prayerful this days especially when it comes to the matter of marriage. Lola has moved on with her kid and now doing well with her career. Today story is about a woman who has been married for eight years and the hubby still sleeps around, read and share your advise in the comment box below.

Dear Amaka

Despite the fact that weve being married for eight years  with two kids my husband wont stop sleeping with different women. I’ve caught him on several occasions chatting with different late in the nights and sometimes I wait late at night for him to come back from his night-crawling. Some of his numerous girlfriends even insulted me to my face recently and I have made up my mind not to stay with him anymore. Hes even planning on going abroad to work.  If I end my marriage now, my kids might not enjoy fatherly care so am confused on what to do.


I wont advise that you leave your hubby, be prayerful and stay faithful to him. If possible let both of you see a counselor. Things will turn out for the best soon, there’s no perfect man anywhere.   

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