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Hello World

Sometimes I wonder why some people still go back to their Ex, anyway when I had a discussion with a friend recently she said it might be due to $3x, material gains and probably love. I think no matter what since its an Ex one shouldn’t go back no matter what especially if one is married. A situation like this happened to Temi, Shes just married for four months and to my utmost surprise the hubby calls the Ex everyday, his excuse is that to forget about an Ex isn’t that easy especially if she had great impact in ones life. Temi isn’t finding this easy to cope with and shes thinking of divorce. Lets focus on today story though….Its from a devastated wife and she needs your sincere opinion.

Dear Amaka,

My husband and his ex were chatting on Whatsapp which I saw last night. From the conversation, it was clear they were having an affair. She’s also married with kids. Apparently, they dated for years but things didn’t work out and they went their separate ways. But in the conversation, he told her he had no doubt that if he’d married her, his life would have been different, he would have been happier and they would have created magic together. That made me feel so bad. Does it mean I don’t make him happy? Marrying me was a mistake? He doesn’t have his dream life with me? Should I confront him about what I read? Ask him to explain to me? I am so devastated.

Dear Worried Wife,

I quiet understand your plight and I think the best solution is for you to take the situation with all calmness. Pretend that you didn’t see anything. Gear up and meet the standard of a good housewife; Dress $3xy and appropriate always, Stay faithful, Show your hubby more love, care, give him more $3x and prepare his dishes on time.

In all, I wish you best of luck.

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