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Hello World
Marriage comes with a lot of issues these days especially when one isn’t from the same tribe with the spouse. Tolani is from the west while Solomon is from the middle-belt. Tolani family members are in full support of their affair but Solomon family are not in support. Before they tied the knot a lot happened but they weren’t discourage. Solomon was so in love with his wife that he stoped her from attending his family gatherings. Solomon siblings were always coming around and sometimes go the length of insulting Tolani but despite all these odds, Tolani stood firm in her marriage moreover the hubby is faithful and caring. Solomon lost his job at a construction company, his family members said the wife is the main cause of his downfall and so he should divorce her but Solomon declined. Few years after, they won a lottery and they relocated abroad, twenty years after the marriage with 3 kids, the hubby family still doesn’t like the wife. Today’s story is similar and its from a worried wife who needs your sincere advise.
Dear Amaka
My name is Loveth, I knew my husband when I was 17 years old , in school camp in Europe we started together, after 5 years we had our first beautiful daughter, came to Nigeria when my baby was one, the family didn’t accept me because of tribe. Then he was on my side, he keep saying don’t worry they will accept you. We got married even when the family didn’t accept me because of the love we both share.
Till now the family still want him  to marry a woman from his tribe after 4 kids.
Now my husband is cheating on me that is not the most painful thing of all, he will tell the women all kind of that never happen about this happen about me. anytime will come to Nigeria
Please advise
Dear Worried Wife,
I understand your plight and I sympathize with you. Keep your faith alive that he would change and try to pour out your mind to him about his cheating habit, calm him down and explain to him the implications of having multiple $3xual partners such as deadly diseases and how it can ruin your family do it in a way that he would see the pain he’s putting you through. For his family, try to have a one-on-one chat with them, ask them of their opinion about you, do what you can to make them happy like checking up on them once in a while, sending them gifts etc. Remember subtle communication is vital. In all I wish you good luck.
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