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Hello World

John was an hardworking young promising dude with a bright future, he’s from an average home and since he’s a medical practitioner he seem to be the breadwinner of the family. All through John years in the university he never had a relationship because he’s very choosy when it comes to the issue of women. Each time we talk about life issues or anything pertaining to women he would always try to keep mute but trust me I always forced him to say one thing or the other. After we graduated from the uni we lost contacts until recently when we met at a mall, when I asked why he wasn’t married yet he gave the excuse that he hasn’t seen the best. I forced him to tell me what was really going on with him since we left school and his past relationships, John said he was married and divorced. I was shocked because he seem to me the best man and I expect him to go for the best. John said he was always after high-class babes and till now he’s still only interested in babes who are rich. He said his ex-wife was a career lady who only spends time with him on sundays, he said she travels with her boss due to the nature of her job and he got to know that her boss was sleeping with her. For the three years that they were married, she never got pregnant because she was using contraceptives. He said all these became clear when she said its seems marriage isn’t meant for her caliber and she decided that they part ways. John said he really felt bad, begged her to stay but she refused and got divorced. So I was just wondering that some people can never be contented in life, Johns ex really missed because John is handsome, tall, caring, dedicated, Godfearing hardworking and zealous. Anyways scroll down to read today story and share your opinions in the comment box

Dear Amaka,

i’ve been married for 2 yrs and 4 months now, i have 2 wonderful daugters age 1yr 7 months and 6 months. My husband is a good man the issue is before we got married he had some boys he had under his care from his church they would normally come to his house and were free around the house, running the kitchen watching tv and all he aided them financially and academically He is a mentor to them. This was all before he got married to me and moved over to his state where he resides. initially after the wedding he asked them to give him space, after my first daugter he called for two of them to come help around the house when i just gave birth, after a while i found out i was always in the kitchen cooking unending and my daughter was then less than three months she suffered then and i would beg my husband that its not easy for me cooking, just healing from pregnancy (i had a bad tear), he would not heed, so i had to call his mother that i wanted to come stay with her, she came to pick me up that morning she asked me what was wrong as we had not even gone to church for dedication in tears i told her i wanted to come and rest that my husband was stressing me out with these boys. she was upset and asked him to send them away.Fast-forward to now, after all the arguments we had on the issue of these boys he still is adamant, i have let the issue rest, i have told him my mind, that i have daughters and you insist you know your boys. to let peace reign i let go. when they come to the house he sees them put my daughters on their laps he sees nothing wrong.i came home from work and on my way out i saw one of the boys with a friend someone i don’t know from Adam in my sitting room, my husband was with me and he did nothing. i am sooo mad at him, i feel my home is soo loose. He says i’m overreacting. Please ma i want to know am i overreacting??Do i fold my hands and allow every Tom Dick and Harry into our home. where i have two very young girls. I’m soo unhappy and disturbed right now.

Dear Worried Wife,

I quite understand your plight, Try to take things easy with your hubby and dont feel sad because of your health. Tell him calmly your mind about the boys like what you noticed and the likely effects such as rape or $3xual abuse that might have on your female kids. Make him see reasons with you and tell him if possible for him to get the boys their own apartment. In all I wish you good luck.

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