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A lot of people might have heard of the hairfinity hair supplement even our celebrities are advertising about it. Hairfinity hair supplement is a product in form of pills that is supposed to work on your hair growth from the inside out. Many people would ask this question would it work well, I asked the same question when I was also given this product. According to the companies website this product is meant to give the body enough vitamins and nutrients that will help have a long, thick and healthy hair. You can check the hashtag #hairfinity on instagram and see testimonies of people holding the bottle of hairfinity hair supplement claiming how amazing the product is.


Hello World

I must confess when I was given this product to use I was skeptical about it, I took it because of the list of the ingredients I saw at the back of the bottle which are contained in the pills some of which are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Folic acid, Vitamin B3 to mention a few. These are supplement that are vital and helps for a healthy living.


Hairfinity hair supplement helped me to some extent because I have a very scanty and light weight hair and my edges is a no go area. I took this pill only for a month, Two tablets a day but I must tell you it has a very discouraging scent that if you are not careful you might throw up. Though when I started taking this pills I had my hair fixed so I can determine the difference when I loosen the hair, I don’t know maybe it depends on your body metabolism that determines how fast this product can work, To me hairfinity hair supplement only made the texture of my hair thick and when combing I didn’t see any pull out from my hair, It didn’t add to the hair growth but prevented breakage and fall outs. I have seen so many reviews of people that used the supplement ant it added to their hair growth, It didn’t significantly grow my hair but it made it my flaky hair stronger and am fine with that so I think it is worth every penny.

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