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Sometimes when we are in a relationship, a friend might just surface and try to discourage one and it also happens in marriages. When such situation arise, you need to use your brain wisely and if possible discuss at length with your partner. This issue of friends gossiping about their friends partner is common and it has led to some relationships breakup. Jealousy leads some friends to it or even hatred. Don’t suddenly pullout of the friendship game with a friend who discourages you about your relationship but take time to asses the friendship and see if he or she is making meaningful positive impact. Withdraw gradually if the friendship isn’t favorable to you.

worried lady

worried lady

Hello World

Dear Amaka

It was my friend that introduced my fiancee to me some months ago and we have been doing fine together. We’ve known virtually everything about each-other and even planning to tie the knot soon. The problem now is that, recently my friend that introduced him to me said I shouldn’t plan to get married to him because he flirts a lot and even vowed to show me some evidence. Am very confused right now, please what do I do? Should I believe my friend and breakup or confront my fiancee about the issue?

Dear Worried Lady,

I quiet understand your plight and I would like to advice that you discuss with your fiancee. Ask him politely about everything that your friend said, If its true think twice before you move on with him and in case you don’t want to confront him, try to study his moves and ask questions about him from his friends as well. Though your friend might be correct because she seems to know him better than you do but as well don’t believe everything she says. You need to be confident, set your priority straight and handle matters on your own now because it has to do with your life. In all I wish you the best

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