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Feelings of jealousy always arouse in any relationship no matter how you love or trust your partner. It happens especially when your boyfriend has a best friend who is a female. Its complicated because you can’t ask your boyfriend to quit his friendship with her and you cant help feeling uncomfortable. A lot of people worry about one thing: He could be harboring a secret crush on her. While its possible that he just has a platonic relationship with his female best friend. But it will be difficult to tell the difference when you are already feeling jealous and emotional.


Hello World

Straight to the chase… My relationship is in a shamble right now… My love life is hanging on a ledge because my Boyfriend has a Female ‘bestie’ whom he devotes more time to. When shes around, she makes me feel uncomfortable because they talk about stuff and people I have no idea of. She makes me feel like I don’t know him enough. Trust me guys, I know him well, but she just makes me feel like a failure in front of my own man. I usually go over to cook for him on weekends but since she moved close to him, she cooks, cleans and all before I get there, at first I Thought she was helping but now am not comfortable with my man eating her food. They talk 24/7 on phone, even when we are out on dates, she sends random pics of her every time we are together, she walks around his apt in shorts and tank tops, even when I come around, she dsnt excuse us or leave. She just got out of an abusive relationship and am trying hard to help her heal, but shes just going way too high for me, they club together and only God knows what happens afterwards. The tip of the iceberg that pushed me to the wall, was the fact that he cancels dates with me just to do ‘stuff’ with her. I have spoken to him about it so many times, but its now looking like am too choky, jealous and obsessive about it. I have talked to my sister inlaw and she persuaded me to watch a movie ‘Burning Bridges’ I did, and it related directly to me,I don’t want my relationship to go down the drain to this Lady… please guys help me, how do I go about it without hurting anybody’s feelings and not look too selfish???

Dear Uncomfortable,

You have every right to be jealous but don’t ruin your relationship because of your insecurity, Its possible your boyfriend is just acquainted to her without any string attached but it has honestly gone to the extreme of them clubbing and she doing chores for him without your consent and taking away his attention from you. But don’t assume anything shady is going on between them get some facts and information before you jump to conclusion so you don’t make the mistake of doubting your boyfriend and hurting his feelings.

Speak to your boyfriend again about it and don’t sound jealous when you are talking to him, make him understand that anything can happen and there are boundaries to everything, He should put himself in your shoes, You are sure he won’t tolerate anything of such. Tell him you are not asking him to quit his friendship with her because you have yours too but there should be a limit and if he doesn’t change or doesn’t want to compromise, then tell him to choose.

Hey darlings, this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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