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Its not the same feeling when your partner cheats on you with someone else than to know that he misses his previous partner. There would always be this feeling of betrayal, Although your partner might  give the explanation that he is confused but that does not take away the feeling of why he started a relationship with you when he knows that he still loves his ex.


Hello World

Hi… I have been in a relationship for a 9 months now, whe I first meet my boyfriend he was is a relationship with someone who was not treating him well n with respect, the lady he was with was constantly cheating on him and he would find her with different guys in pubs drinking after about 3 weeks in the relationship he found her cheating again they had a fight n he ended things between them. Then he had to focus on building a relationship with me now at time things were great we did almost everything together spent more time together n one day he just changed stop communicating with me, we would be together amd hold no conversation what so ever, it got to a point where he stopped making love to me. When I asked he said he just has issues to deal with concerning his past  being an understanding person I thought it would pass but it got worse. Two months ago we went on a vacation with him friend n his girlfriend. On that trip I felt like m not there coz he was not all week all I ask just like a watch he wears on his wrists not his woman he never did anything with me, wen I took pictures of us it felt like m forcing him to so. He then went out to party all night with me n came back the following morning with lipstick on his shirt. Last month he sent me a text apologising for his behaviour m asked that I give him space coz he a lot to do m think about and I did that but wen it started to feel like its taking for ever I asked to meet up with him so we can talk. I then told me that his ex want them to fix things n get back together that y needed some time to think n find out what he wants n decides who does he want ro be with n ask for another week, up to this day he hasn’t came back to me like he said he would. I love him n still wants to be with him but I don’t knw wat to do or to expect in a situation like this one.
please help a sister out

Dear Expectant Girlfriend

You have not done anything wrong by loving him but he is the confused one and he obviously doesn’t know what he wants. You should  pity him because he left a promising new thing to something that didn’t work out. You should be grateful that you guys have not gone far and you have not invested so much in the relationship.

You shouldn’t expect anything from this relationship, I know its a hard thing to do but quit the relationship, forget about him and move on with your life he is not worth the wait and you deserve better,much better.

Hey darlings,this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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