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Most women have the same problem of suffering in silence hoping that one day someone will come and help them. They do not voice their opinion in their homes, they live by whatever excesses the spouse bring forth and forget what they deserve in a relationship. It is a very glaring fact that mothers are the ones to do the household chores but a reasonable spouse will never leave all household chores for mothers alone.


Hello World

Please am I the only one going through this pain.
Just got engaged 6 months ago and we are still planning for our introduction so my husband to be ask I move in with him since we already engaged, instead of paying double rent. I agreed and I won’t fake, living with this man has been hell.He eats only fresh meal, I cook soup once and it must finish that day, he does not eat anything they warm or microwave it must be fresh, fresh juice, fresh water fresh everything .I can squees orange 12 times in a day, his job is to be drinking. I will cook 4 to 5times in a day, I am always in the kitchen.
At some point I decided to agree with our president when he said women belong to the kitchen because I spend my whole life cooking for this man, and after that I get very tired and want to sleep and he still expects me to ride him, because the only way he can cum is if am on top of him. Am getting really frustrated.Am not working yet, still job hunting and I wonder how I will cope when kids start coming and I get a job?My greatest fear now is,what if this guy don’t marry me ? What is after all this slavery this whole thing does not work.
Because I don’t think I will continue this in future.I called his attention to it and the only thing he did was buy me a standing fan in the kitchen and stopped touching me.If I try to go close to him he will say I should save my energy for the kitchen so I don’t complain of being tired tomorrow .Please married ladies is this what marriage is really about?I need to know please .

Dear Saddened,

It is not wrong to help your partner with the house chores once in a while but it shouldn’t be mandatory whether married or not married. There are things we deserve in a relationship and there are things we should never tolerate, all partners tend to adjust to their new partner after marriage and not impose his/her excesses on the other. There is always a way out of every situation and that is what your partner should look for and not turn you into a maid.

This type of men will never allow you to keep a job so you shouldn’t even think of having one. You are not even married yet and he is displaying this habit of his. You need to define your relationship with him, if he wants fresh foods at all times he should get a cook because you have a life to leave and you can’t end your life just because you want to keep a man. Talk to him about his unpleasant habits and see if you can change him. If he is not ready to change, you need to rethink because what you accept now is what you should expect after marriage and if you cannot deal with it now you won’t be able to deal with it later.

Hey darlings this sister is in need of your advice please help her out.

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