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A lot of couples these days find love through their own personal choice, by meeting people with shared interests, beliefs, and values either at work, at school, or at play. Along the line, they date, court and then decide if they are right for each other and if they can agree to live together and maybe get married.
Arranged marriage on the other hand involves the parents and relatives of those involved. Most times, there’s marriage on the cards from the get go and it often happens within a short time after meeting. I want to think that these days, arranged marriages may involve some coercion and pressure but not force. I have found that younger people are more gung-ho about making their own personal choice, but the older a man or a woman gets, especially if they have made the rounds of their social and dating circle with no luck, the more likely they are to be open to an arrangement by their parents or older relatives to meet new people and get married quickly. What do you think and Which has more pros in your opinion? Read today’s story below and give your sincere advice

Hi,I saw your post on IG and I decided to send this too. My boyfriend and I been dating for 1yr and some months now and everything seems perfect except for the fact that he’s got trust issues and really violent at some point. I cheated on him some time ago and we settled and came back together, since then he has been really insecure about me. I stayed away from most of my male friend just to earn his trust but he still doesn’t trust’s been on for a very time,but now am in love with someone else and we already dating and I broke up with my boyfriend but he’s asking for another chance to make things right. This is not the hundredth time he is promising to change and still no changes…he found out about the guy am in love with now..I want to give him another chance and leave the guy am in love with,but am not sure he is going to change and I don’t want lose this person I love now..what do I do?? Pls I need your advice.

 Dear Babe,
It is clear from your message that you are conflicted and this is probably because you cheated on him, in a way you feel Guilty and you want to redeem yourself. Know this, Your boyfriend might still repeat his actions if you go back to him, there’s no perfect guy anywhere like I always say but if you say you are in love with someone else then my dear you need to move on, forget your guilt and start afresh with this new guy. In all I wish you the best of luck.
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