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$3xual intercourse that was once a taboo for the singles has now become the order of the day. Any single avoiding $3x is now seen as been absurd. Its natural to think about $3x we are hormonal and $3xual beings. But sometimes $3xual thoughts can be overwhelming it can make it difficult to concentrate on whatever you are doing and make little things difficult to do.


Hello World

Hi Amaka, Am 23 and still a virgin, presently serving In Niger state. I have a boyfriend or will I rather say I had a boyfriend bcos we’ve been beefing for 3wks now, Reason is because he’s a big time cheat, met him years ago n we started dating despite the fact I told him I was a virgin n he said he was cool with it n ready to wait, after a while he started acting up, then I found out he was cheAting! I caught him in d act and instead of this guy to b remorseful he blamed me for it, saying he cheated cos we weren’t having $3x and he Dosnt regret the fact that he cheated! I realized I became insecured which wasn’t proper bcos I knw am a very beautiful and shapy girl that every guy wud want to have But bcos I love him a lot n I knw he loves me, I stayed with him despite his cheating nature, Buh Ryt now am fed up so av decided to stay away from him.
There is this malo guy I met here in Niger state, we both like each other, he’s so nyc n gentle to a fault, av been to his house like twice and presently on a weekend vacation with him Buh he hasn’t even made any $3xual attempt, the Only thing he does is cuddle n kiss me. am really scared of telling him am a virgin, cos I just Hav this feeling that he myt start avoiding me. I keep every guy in my life at arms length cos these days is very difficult to determine who really likes u or who wants u for $3x cos av been in situations where guys tell me they can do anything just to Hav my body and when eva I hear such, it scares the living daylight out of me. Now my Questions are : shud I jes Hav $3x with the Malo guy n get over this virginity Issh? Will I av any regrets if I giv out my virginity and live like every normal girl?or Do u think I can still get a guy out there that will love me with my virginity syndrome ? Shud I hold on n see what the future has for me? Pls I need constructive answers bfor I do somthing silly!

Dear Confused

There are a thousand and one girls out there that have sacrificed their virginity for a guy who was unworthy and at the end they were dumped and forgotten, Think about it what if you have given your virginity to him and you still caught him cheating on you once again what would you have done? $3x is not the basics of love, this may sound cliche but its the truth. Maybe your old boyfriend started out with true intentions but along the line he strayed, Don’t use that as a determinant for your next relationship.

That this Malo guy didn’t ask you for $3x , doesn’t mean he wont ask, You need to tell him before things go deep so he won’t even think about $3x with you and if he truly loves you he would wait. Note that if he is after $3x he might agree to wait but he will always look for a way for you both to be alone, so you have to avoid being alone with him. If he cant love you without $3x then let him go, A guy that is worth your virginity will definitely come along.

Hey darlings, this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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