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Breaking up with someone you love hurts a lot and it takes time to heal. But before thinking of fighting to get your love back you need to put your own health, Happiness and your future into consideration. If you find out that person is not contained in your future then its time to let go even if you still have feelings for that person, With the right attitude and confidence you would be able to burn the fire out.


Hello World

I’ll be 30 this year and i’ve been dating my bf(ex) for over 5years. I’m a graduate and currently working while doing my masters.. he also has a good job and is doing very well for himself. My story, all my friends, relatives (older and younger) are all married.. my parents are worried and has been asking me to bring a man home because I’ve rejected all the ones that came to them to seek for my hand in marriage. My bf isn’t showing any commitment but I love him, it’s him I’ve always wanted to settle with. He’s not the generous type but I’m fine with that since I’m also working.. he always talked about me getting pregnant for him but didn’t propose directly, i felt he wanted me to get pregnant as I have never been pregnant in this 5yrs of our relationship so I thought he was probably thinking we ain’t compatible to have kids together.. so I calculated my ovulation, had $3x with him and fell pregnant.I was so happy about it as I felt it will lead to our marriage because we are both doing well and love each other so much(or so I thought). To my surprise, when I told him about it.. he asked me to abort the pregnancy and was so serious about it. I tried all I could to convince him we have the baby but he insisted and called me names.. said all sorts of hurtful things to me. Called me desperate and I want to force Mrs out of him through pregnancy. He broke up with me and left me so heartbroken. I couldn’t stand the shame so I had to terminate the pregnancy.. the thing now is, I can’t let him go, I still love him and don’t think I will ever love someone else.. it’s over a month now and still no word from him..i cry all day and night, can’t concentrate at work, can’t sleep at night. I was faithful to him, I even lost some of my girlfriends because of him..didnt have any male friends.. now my world is crumbling, I can’t take a leave from work.. can’t relocate.. please how do I get this guy back? Please help me.

Dear Heartbroken,

It is natural for you to be heartbroken you wasted five faithful years of your life for a guy who you thought loved you and would marry you but he ended up abusing you. You can cry if you want to, it will help you recover fast but don’t say you don’t think you will ever love someone else. What would be your faith if you go back to him? This guy doesn’t have any future plans for you, He knows you love him yet he left you that only shows he doesn’t care for your feelings and will never care.

Age is only a number and not a marriage determinant, Buckle up and pass through this triumphantly. You don’t need to be married for you to be successful and happy, You are a graduate, You have a good job and you are doing fine that alone will help you forget about him and move on with your life don’t let your world crumble because of a guy that is not even worth your tears. Please don’t try to get this guy back dismiss him from your mind and be optimistic the right guy will definitely come.

Hey darlings, this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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