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Its not surprising that a romance can spark between colleagues and between boss’s and their subordinates, since you spend more time together, The truth is office romance are tricky and generally not recommended but they happen all the time, And when they do there are three possible outcomes: The relationship turns sour that your reputation and career ends, Both partners acts maturely and cordial and try not to let their relationship affects their work or things work out for the best e.g they end up maried.


Hello World

My name is Omoh,have been working with my boss almost 7 yrs now and since I started working with him,we are dating. Like boss to worker things. The problem now is this,since early this year,I stop answering him anytime he want to have $3x with me and at times I do it if I am horny as well. Now he want to employ another lady as secretary to work with me which I can’t cope. Your advice needed please.

Dear Confused,

First I have to say it’s unprofessional going into a relationship with your boss, secondly you stop to think of where the relationship would lead you to. Lets be real, It is very clear that your boss doesn’t love you and there is no sign of him getting married to you he is dating you for the satisfaction he is getting and since you don’t want to give him the satisfaction again he is now looking for an alternative, Its really hard to say but there is absolutely nothing you can about that unless you want to continue satisfying him.

Gaining your reputation should be your concern now and not bothering whether he is employing another secretary or not, He is very kind for not firing you but instead he wants you to work with the new secretary. If you feel you can’t put up working with the new secretary you look for a new job somewhere else and move on with your life to gain your self worth.

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