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Its quite unfortunate that we hear of paternal abandonment often this days but the truth is ladies do not want to take heed. Not all men are excited to be fathers especially when the pregnancy is a surprise and you are not married either because they have not decided to be with you through the end of the month let alone for a lifetime. Some ladies even go the extent of trapping a guy with pregnancy not knowing that the trapped man will one day get away from that trap as far as possible.


Hello World

I would like to share my story and hear from experienced/ matured minds because I need to know the next step to take from here. I am a single mom of a 5yr old handsome and intelligent boy, his dad has never been involved in any of my son’s welfare, God has been helping me take care of my son, after I had my son I have nt been able to have a committed relationship not until recently I met someone whom we have been dating for 2 years now and it’s now my baby daddy remembered to check up on me but I have decided not to have anything to do with my baby daddy again bcos my present bf loves my son very much. But the problem I am facing in ds relationship is that I have not met his parents and he has met my mom, recently I met his sisters but they are so cold towards me and most times when I go to his place for weekend I feel very bad cos of d way they react to me but he has always tried to comfort me and tell me it’s going to be fine. He cherishes me a lot and treats me very well other than the issue of his sisters not really talking to me, dey decided to stay with him anytime their school is on break. I have been told to be patient dat his sisters would still calm down, but I am scared of when I might meet his mom and what she might think of me. Another issue is that of my son, my bf said what if his dad comes to take him from me or wants me to marry him but I told my bf I can’t marry my baby daddy cos he neglected us for 5years I hate him for dat, but I can’t drop my son for my baby daddy either ds has caused issues cos he said ds is Nigeria and no matter what d father is d owner of d son. I am confused bcos if I get married to my bf I don’t want to lose my son to his dad but then again my bf decided to adopt my son but I am scared and need real advice.

Dear Confused,

You don’t need to be scared, Your baby daddy cannot just stroll in and out of a child’s life, truth be told he is the father of that child and has right to that child, He abandoned you for 5years when you needed him the most and now he is back when you want to move on with your life, I won’t advice you to leave your son with the father until you see he is a changed man and you feel that your son is in safe hands and he will be happy and if not it is better to care for your son yourself as you always have.

You don’t need to be scared of what the parents might think of you, You said it yourself that he loves and cherishes you. Be optimistic and try to bring his sisters close to you, That they don’t talk to you doesn’t mean they don’t want you. Be confident and follow your heart.

Hey darlings, this sister is in desperate need of your advice,please leave your comment and advice in the comment box below.

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