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Hey Lovelies

Its a thing for black women to go on low cut or short hairstyle at one point and as it turns out the short hairstyle is in vogue. Over a month we talked about short hairstyle for natural black hair, today, there is an array of short hairstyle that you can definitely try out. The short hairstyle is for the confident and free spirited woman so stay clear of this hairstyle if you don’t have the guts to pull it off but note that this can be the most expensive and cheapest style to maintain depending on what short hairstyle you go for, also the short hairstyle is pretty comfortable and useful.

Here are some of the trendiest pick:

This retro short hairstyle is amazing for a natural black hair, this look is a two toned (blond and golden brown) boyish Afro fade hairstyle.


Two toned Blond

Hello World

This short hairstyle is a full blond mow-hawk with a semi round cut, this cut is perfect if you want something different and chic.




For a more bad-ass approach, make a statement with a bald haircut. Don’t just leave it plain, cut out a star or some other logo to complete the “no chill look”.



Bald with Details

For a more refined look, this side fringe in black is perfect, it makes a statement in its simplicity.


Style: "Neutral"

Side Fringe

Its only natural if we take short hair lessons from Riri herself, after all she’s the queen of hairstyle.

Ultimate Side Fringe

Ultimate Side Fringe

Don’t think to much with your short hair, just stick to curls like solange here

Short Curls

Short Curls

If your hair is a little grown then this close crop cut debuted by Jennifer Hudson is good enough to try out.

Close Crop Cut

Close Crop Cut

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What do you think about the hairstyles? Yay or Nay? Leave your comments in the comment box below


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