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A lot of ladies have problem with achieving the chic style, they forget that the chic style is an effortless style. Indeed looking for what to wear can be a bit over whelming in this days where there are endless options and pressure to look stylish, its even harder if you have different textures and patterns in your closet. It is a tricky business when you are trying to build a functional wardrobe that would stand out and by these i mean a wardrobe that would have all the available items when they are trending and when they are not trending.

Here are some tips on how you can achieve the chic style clothing with the options you have in your wardrobe.

First tip is to dress in Three colors at a time, do this even when you are mixing patters, print and textures as long you keep everything to no more than three colors  you would look effortlessly chic, it also helps in narrowing down your options when you’re picking out attires in a hurry, not only that it helps packing easy.

There are a few things to remember when following this rule, white doesn’t necessarily have to count as one of your colors so if your entire ensemble of three colors has white as one of the colors you can add one more color as it wouldn’t confuse the appearance. Another thing to note is that busy prints with more than three colors (multiple colors) counts as one color, make sure to keep the rest of your outfit very simple and only incorporate colors that are in the print.

Another thing to note is controlled shopping, Invest more on timeless pieces rather that what is trendy. Because if you invest too much on trendy pieces your closet would be trash at the end of a season but if you invest in timeless pieces instead like a good blazer which is trending every season, there would certainly be no regret.

Go Through the program of reviewing colors and trends, re-organizing, defining your style, culling, identifying wardrobe essentials, and focusing on your shopping, this way you can make sure that your wardrobe has all the essentials you need to combine a chic style clothing. Hence clearing the clutter in your wardrobe and only keeping what you need and love will make you more stylish and less overwhelmed when you are about to get dressed everyday.

Below we have beautiful diva’s rocking the chic style clothing with nothing more than two and three colors.

 #1. Black And Gold Style


Black And Gold Style

Hello World

#2.  Monochrome Style


Empress Jamilla’s Monochrome Style

#3. Pretty In Print

print look

Thobilejele Pretty In Print

#4. Multiple Stripe

Multiple Stripe

#5. Red And Nude Style

empress jamilla

Empress Jamilla Red And Nude Style

#6. Pink Culotte


Jadore Fashion In A Pink Culotte

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