Mens’ Wears: Ankara LookBook


Most men are not very fashion conscious like the women,I stand to be corrected if i’m wrong and do not really patronize the ankara fabric. And the Ankara is a fabric that has been in the market for quite some time but didn’t get a good market catch as People looked at the fabric as one with low class or for the locals.

Although there are still but a few who still wouldn’t wear an ankara attire, never-the-less it has found a new and wide appreciation amongst many others and we referring to the Men today.Yup!, since the ladies have endless ways to always stay stylish in whatever they wear,

But alas, Designers of these days,local and international have been able to come up with beautiful and eye-catching designs that have also caught the attention of the international fashion world and that’s why some foreign designers fuse in the ankara fabric into their designs which we can further see from the fashion shows we have around, AFWN, and AFWL to be precise where Designers showcase yet more beautiful and FAB pieces and making us love the Ankara piece more.


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Needless to say,right now fashion designers are making really sophisticated styles and use various materials such as lace of all kinds, denim,and lots more, you name it. And Men’s fashion has also become yet another interseting world, so many styles in which Ankara can be worn and your Man would be on point. Here are a few Mens’ wear designers have styled and we’ve put together for you.

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