Men’s Fashion for Women: The New Wedding look.



Men’s Fashion for Women: The New Wedding look.

Is Androgyny the new cool? Can we ladies also rock men’s fashion and still kill it? We already wear Bae’s big shirt, steal his boxers and feel cozy in all that but have you ever wondered wearing bae’s Agbada and still looking $3xy? Whoop! It’s a ‘Yes!’ and with Valentine’s Day on

the way, what a surprise you can give your man, after all it’s still gonna be a wedding Saturday on the 21st…lol.

So Today we bring you men’s Fashion for women which can come in different styles, and we at Fashion Police Nigeria decided to show you ways to show your Man that he could wake up one morning and if he sees us in his clothing, he should be ready o because we bringing $3xy to the

men’s room.



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African Fashion takes us back to our roots, the Yoruba traditional male wears which consists of only agbada, buba, and various types of fila. Also the Modern Igbo traditional attire for men,made up of the Isiagu top which resembles the African Dansiki worn with trousers and hat. So

today, do check out the ladies. Men’s Agbada, worn even with our gele, I guess you didn’t see that coming, you can also try it without the gele with the Fila and still look stunning, and the Isiagu top also.

Yesso! There you have it; African girls got Swag. Stay Fashionable.

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