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Makeup is for all ages and there are so many mature women that love to makeup but are not sure of their choices. For women above 40 making up is about looking younger than you really are, its about creating an illusion but the wrong application can certainly make it worse, therefor the question is what are the proper makeup techniques that put emphasis on the anti-aging concept.


Makeup On Mature Women

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There are several tricks that can be applied to camouflage the signs of ageing as much as possible through the help of make-up, lets look at some of the tricks:

1. Moisturizer

It is crucial for mature women to invest in a good moisturizing cream or lotion especially if you have dry facial skin. Getting a high quality moisturizer helps your skin radiate and it is the first step to making your skin come alive. use heavy cream moisturizer which is suitable for parched skin and water- based moisturizer for oily skin. Makeup can be applied once the moisturizer has seeped into the skin.

2. Foundation

Go for liquid foundations formulated especially for mature women as they contain anti-ageing ingredients and they are useful for covering patchy skin, dark spots, uneven skin tone and fine lines.

3. Dark Circles

A good foundation and moisturizer can be used to cover dark circles which is natural since the skin under your skin have become thinner. use a good under eye cream regularly to help diminish the dark circles.

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4. Eyebrow Pencil And Eye Lashes Curler.

The eyebrows are everything but one thing to note is that at this age avoid the thin brows because it adds years to your appearance therefore opt for fuller brows that make you look younger, neatly use a eyebrow pencil to conceal the void. The eye lashes draws attention away from the wrinkles once it is curled therefore always use a plastic curler before applying mascara.

5. Eye Shadow

For mature women, application of eye shadow has to be kept at minimum, stick to natural shades and avoid using eye shadow with shimmer or glimmer. Blend at most 2 colors for better definition.

6. Lip Liner And Lipstick

The Lips is the most expressive and prominent feature on a woman’s face and the lips grows thinner the older we get. Lip liner is an essential when it comes to lip makeup, it helps to seal and keep the lipstick from spreading out of the contours of the lip. Go for liners that match the natural color of your lips rather than your lipstick.  To make your lips look luscious use lipstick fortified with vitamin E and natural ingredients  like Shea butter, avoid matte finishing lipstick and make sure the lipstick offers SPF protection.

7. Blush

Highlight the cheekbones using blush of floral shades as it helps you look fuller, healthier and plumper.

Lastly, do not go over board with the application of your make up apply it the right way as its the sure way to look youthful and beautiful for all occasions.

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